20 mai 2013


A baby girl is dropped off at an orphanage in 1945. Call her "Jane"
Jane grow up forever alone, until 1963 when she meets a strangely attractive drifter.
Series of disasters. First, she's pregnant by the drifter. Drifter vanishes. Then during the delivery, they find out Jane has both sets of sex organs and to save her life, they are forced to make her a him. Then a stranger that no one knows steals the baby.
Heartbroken, Jane becomes a drifter and in 1970 he stumbles into pop's bar, where she spills the whole story.
Pop is sympathetic and asks if Jane wants to become a time cop.
Jane agrees, and pop takes Jane into a time machine and drops Jane off in 1963, where she is strangely attracted to a young girl, who "he" then impregnates.
Pop goes forward 9 months, steals the baby, and puts drops it off at an orphanage in 1945, then grabs the drifter and brings him to 1985 to enlist as a time cop.
"Jane" becomes an excellent time cop and keeps the job well into old age, where "he" must go and become a bartender to meet and enlist a certain drifter in 1970.




Cel mai "mindfuck style" lucru pe care l-am citit anul asta.

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  1. Wtf did I just read!? Seriously, who writes this stuff?

    1. I don't know, I found it and I posted it here :))


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