18 noiembrie 2012

It's funny how some persons try to say that they don't care about you by making it obvious. And it's funny how, in all this time, you try to forget them and their stupidity. And the best thing of all: when you succeed, they come again into your life and start to argue, even if you don't give a single fuck about their opinion.

Si doar ca o mentiune auxiliara, e ultima oara cand mai fac o postare de genul asta, fiindca nu se mai merita. Ce-i facut e bun facut, dar nu vreau sa ma lungesc la infinit pe un asemenea subiect. Cand ma gandesc la tot ce aveam in cap, la ce credeam la inceput si la ce cred acum, ma simt ca si cum tocmai as fi iesit din lacul prostiei la mal si nu-mi pot recapata respiratia.

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